Aloe Vera Products at Wholesale Price

Where can I buy Aloe Vera products at Wholesale Prices?


Shop Smart at a 15% distributor price! Absolutely free registration! No obligation! 110CAD minimum order.

After registration you will receive your distributor number, so right away you can enjoy shopping at a discounted price (15%). Remember to use sponsor ID: 200002333182 in your registration process in order to get your discount.

Save 15% right now, and save 30% of retail price after your first purchase of 2cc (1 credit case = US $132) of Forever Living products in two months and enjoy aloe vera and other natural products for wholesale price.

Our complete family of aloe vera drinks, skin care products and cosmetics, brings the remarkable properties of aloe to the entire body. Add to that our full line of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements, and our nutritious products from the bee hive, and you have a complete system for achieving better health and beauty naturally.

Ability to buy the product at wholesale price (the retail mark up is 43%)

Your own online store and free company web page for your business information;

Ability to build your own “MyFLPBiz website”, which will give you the ability to register your customers through the company website and avoid direct selling;

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You have two option to start your own business:

First option.

Register here and get your own Distributor ID number, if you want to start a small Retail Business. You will then be able to order products directly from the company at wholesale prices aloe vera products (minimum order is $50 US or $75CAD) and sell it at retail prices, with potential retail profit of 43%.

Second option.

Register here and get your own Distributor ID number, if you want to build a larger business and develop your own group of distributors – start your business the professional way and purchase a Combo Pack “Touch of Forever” or any separate variety of products that total at least 2 credit cases (CC) (1 credit case = US $132). After achieving 2CC you move up to the first level of the marketing plan as an Assistant Supervisor. Which means that you will receive a 43% retail profit and also you get 5% BONUS on Personal Retail Sales every month and you can start sponsoring and build your down line. This allows you to sponsor others into the business, develop your own group of the distributors and receive group bonuses.